Community Development

RiverRoc Industries’ operating principles are built on strong, transparent, trustworthy relationships with our clients, the host countries, and in the local communities in which we are engaged. We perform independently or collectively with like-minded strategic partners to implement socioeconomic programs that are specifically designed to improve living standards, livelihoods, and the quality of life in rural-poor artisanal mining communities throughout Africa.

RiverRoc Industries and its partners establish well-equipped, and well-staffed “Service Centers” in or nearby artisanal mining communities that offer banking services, micro-finance, insurance, healthcare services, safety equipment, and on-the-spot market-value payments for the miners’ products. In addition, we introduce self-sustaining, green energy technologies to generate and distribute electricity to health clinics, schools, service providers, and households in the mining communities.

A crown jewel of our socioeconomic program is an alternative income fund that provides desperately needed resources for elderly and disabled primary caregivers to mitigate against the need for child labor in the artisanal mining sector to support household incomes. This alternative income fund reduces the economic hardship on caregivers, provides an income safety net for rural-poor families, and presents economically challenged caregivers with a financial incentive to enable children to return to the classroom instead of being compelled to toil in the mines.

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