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Ronald Harvey, Chairman and CEO

Ronald Harvey is the Chairman and CEO of RiverRoc Industries (an international business development and commodity trading company) with headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area, and branch offices in the Ivory Coast, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Dubai.

Ronald previously served as a career member of the Senior Executive Service at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in Washington, D.C. His assignments included USAID Mission Director in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Deputy Mission Director at the Regional USAID Mission in Nairobi, Kenya, Deputy Mission Director of USAID Cameroon, and the Director of the Office of Agriculture in Zaire, Senegal, and Tanzania. After retiring from the U.S. Government, he served as the President and CEO of Gulf Marine Investments Inc., an international food commodity marketing company with offices in Washington, D.C., California, Djibouti, and Dubai. He later established and assumed the executive management role of Chairman & CEO for MarketPIex International a business development solutions company that was designed to help clients build long term value and bring positive industrial disruptions that provided growth opportunities for business entrepreneurs. MarketPIex International was also an agricultural commodity, rare earth, metallic, and precious minerals trading company.

Mr. Harvey has an extensive work experience background in market analysis and planning, enterprise development and business management training. He has a solid track record of achievements in working with governments and regulatory agencies in expanding market opportunities and linking producers and consumers to the global marketplace.

Mr. Harvey has a bachelor's degree in Animal Science and a master's degree in Soil Science from Prairie View A&M University in Texas. He also holds a master's degree in National Security Strategy Planning from the highly acclaimed U.S. National Defense University in Washington, D.C., and he performed his doctoral studies, in Soil Science, at Oregon State University.

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Regional Offices and Team Members

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Chandra Paul Koppula, President & Chief Business Officer — Dubai

Mr. Chandra Paul Koppula has 26 years of combined experience in Metals & Minerals Trading, Precious Metals Consultation, Food Trading & Processing, Management Consultation, Building New Businesses, Information Technology & CSR. He has 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur in various countries. He has managed global projects at Oracle Corporation, before stepping into his business. His abilities are bridging the opportunities of the supply and the demand in the growing global businesses. He has a thorough knowledge about the end consumer needs and has developed skills addressing them with quality and care. His abilities in converting a business need into a win-win proposition with his counterparts have helped him grow successfully.

Group CEO — JC Group of Companies, UAE & India. Chandra as the group CEO is handling the businesses in various portfolios like Metals & Minerals, Agro & Aqua, Granites, Information Technology & Infrastructure Projects.

Consultant — Business Management. This is an independent role of Consulting for various global companies in New Businesses & Markets, Due Diligence processes for Capital Investments, Acquisitions, Creating Business Proposals & Documentation.

Director, Proculture Farms and Foods Pvt Ltd, India. This is primarily a Sea Food supply chain company having its presence with the major food retailers in India. It also has its own retail brands by name "Fisherman's Basket" and "Hooked" marketing in major cities in India. Chandra has spearheaded all the operations at Proculture and all the business concepts developed here are his brain child.

Education: Bachelor of Sciences from Nagarjuna University, India

Corporate Social Responsibility: Chandra has led and managed multiple community-based projects & programs with Oracle Education Foundation and Oracle Volunteers groups. He has a great desire and is strongly committed to take an active role in Community Development Projects, creating Sustainable Projects for economically unprivileged societies, Skill Enhancement and Empowerment of weaker communities.

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Yvonne DJE, Partner - Chief Operating Officer (COO) — Ivory Coast

Ms. Dje is an experience precious minerals and metals trading expert with many years of experience working in the commodity trading sector in West Africa. She utilizes her vast net network of large and small-scale mining operators to secure supplies of raw material for buyers in the international market. Ms. Dje draws upon her excellent analytical and communications skills to reach favorable outcomes in contract negotiations with commodity sellers and buyers. Her outstanding customer care and relationship skills have led to numerous successful international gold commodity trade deals.

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Roosevelt Davis, Partner - Chief Operating Officer (COO) — Liberia

Roosevelt Davis, Sr has an MBA in Financial Management, and he has vast experience in international project management. Mr. Davis is the Deputy Executive Director for Acres of Hope, a not-for-profit organization in Liberia. He has more than 25 years of experience leading project planning and resource allocation sessions and managing relationships with clients and stakeholders in Africa and the United States.

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Richard Wesley Harmon, Partner – Senior Business Development — Liberia

US-accredited financial manager with over 15 years of experience leading corporate tax compliance functions of multi- billion-dollar, Fortune 500 Companies, respected leader of creative teams responsible for financial analysis and operations management.

Expert in organizing, developing, and proposing long-term business strategies to enhance accountability and operational efficiencies.

Proven ability to drive record-high performance and execute successful managerial operations.

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Theophile K. Mingashanga, Partner - Chief Operating Officer — Democratic Republic of the Congo

Mr. Theophile Mingashanga has an extensive work experience background in Business Development and Information Systems Management. He has over18 years’ experience in managing various companies, developing business opportunity leads, managing projects, and being involved in the design, implementation, and management of Information Systems Solutions at the government and private sector level.

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